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Masters Program of Computer Science

This course of study consists of four semesters and follows our "Bachelor of Science" (undergraduate) course of study (six semesters). Offered courses belong to certain categories: basic lectures in theoretical and practical computer science, in-depth lectures, specialized lectures and seminars. A masters thesis is obligatory. Master students have to gain a certain number of credits in the mentioned categories, but are free to choose their own specialisation in computer science. All offered courses and seminars are taught in English.

The master course of study focuses on scientific aspects of computer science and research. To be successful in our master course of study, you'll need the ability to abstract, mathematical and theoretical as well as practical skills. In addition you have to be able to work in a team and to present your projects and to give talks. To enter the course of study, you have to fulfill the prerequisites, described in the study regulations (pdf) and examination regulations (pdf). Read as well our module descriptions of masters program

Admission to Masters Program

For admission regulations, please visit this site.

Curriculum of Masters Program

Every semester several courses have to be taken. For every succesfully passed course, students get a certain amount of credits ("Leistungspunkte = LP"). For the Master course of study a total of 120 credits has to be gained, of which 30 credits are given for the master thesis. Up to 6 credits from german language classes can be brought in.

At the end of the semester each course ends with a written or oral exam. The overall grade of the degree consists of these grades weighted according to the earned credits in each course.

Here you find the most frequently asked questions FAQ and all Examination and Study Regulations to download. 

Please have a look at these sample exercises and exams from our bachelor course of studies and test your knowledge. In order to be successful in our masters program you should be able to solve the exercises of at least the core courses. If you are an excellent student read more about our Honors Program.