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Guide to find scholarships (only in German language available)

Scholarship for exam nerves (only in German language available)

Scholarship of the Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft  (only in German language available)

Exams/ Examination Office

When do I have to register for an exam? Which documents are necessary? These are the kinds of questions that are answered on the new website of the Examination Office of the Faculty.

For recognition of examination achievements / Application for Thesis please click here

Course Evaluation

Students of Computer Science are asked to complete anonymous evaluation forms for all the courses they attend in the sixth week of each semester. 

Study abroad

Saarland University maintains several cooperations with foreign universities. Credits obtained from other institutions can be transferred to your degree at Saarland University according to the ECTS system.

First year students

Welcome to Saarbrücken Computer Science. To help you get started,  several introductory events are available for first year students. Information on everything you need to know regarding your course of studies is provided.

Official structures

Who is the current Dean of Studies? Who is responsible for the Examination Board? Who is part of the Faculty Council?

Central Facilities

How do I register at the university? Where is the library? What's for lunch? Answers to these questions and more may be found here.

Student Associations

Students of Computer Science are organised in an Association which represents their needs and wishes towards the Faculty. This student association also offers a number of services for fellow students. Students of Computer and Communication Technology also have their own association in the Engineering Faculty.

Job offers

Research positions available at the various Computer Science institutes in Saarbrücken are posted here. Job advertisements from IT companies are posted by the Student Association on their information boards and on the university job web-based job forum.