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Our Research


Saarbrücken is a unique location for world-class computer science research. Two Max Planck Institutes for Informatics and for Software Systems as well as the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) call Saarbrücken home. The German Excellence Initiative funds the Excellence Cluster “Multimodal Computing and Interaction” and the Saarbrücken Graduate School of Computer Science with almost y Mio euros. Our senior research faculty and staff have no less than 300kEUR per year per head to pursue their research goals, putting Saarbrücken at the top of all locations in Germany. In a collaborative atmosphere all work hard to offer international talent the best possible research environment.

Research Institutes

Saarbrücken Computer Science consists of the Department of Computer Science at Saarland University and a number of high-class institutes pursing top-notch research:

Doctoral Researchers

The greatest number of researchers in Saarbrücken Computer Science are doctoral students. We offer a unique/flexible combination of the traditional German and internationally compatible (early entry) pathways towards a doctoral degree (PhD). All doctoral candidates are members of the Graduate School, which offers continual support and ensures good progress throughout all phases of doctoral studies. In a preparatory phase, you have the opportunity to find a research group that suits your interests and expertise. You will also find like-minded colleagues along the way.

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Research Areas and People

You will find a long list of all the research areas in Saarbrücken Computer Science here:

And even longer lists of people in Saarbrücken Computer Science here: