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Short Study Guide about Bachelor in CS (FAQ)

Can I start my studies in the summer semester?

Yes, this is possible. However, we strongly recommend beginning you Bachelor's degree in the winter semester because many introductory lectures such as "Mathematics for Computer Scientists" are only offered during the winter semester.

How are studies in Computer Science organised?

Following the recommendations of the Association for Computer Science (ACS), studies in computer science studies are divided into two parts: the Bachelor's program lasting 6 semesters and the Masters program lasting 3 semesters.

Are there restrictions on admissions to the Bachelor's program?

No, anyone holding a higher education entrance qualification will be admitted to the program. For further information please refer to the Student Registrars.

What is so special about the Bachelor's program in Saarbrücken?

The new Bachelor's program distinguishes Saarland University from other universities. The possibility to focus on individual thematic fields this early is unique among all current Bachelor's programs in Germany.

What is the language of instruction?

All the required courses are held in German. Some of the optional courses and in-depth lectures are held in English.

Which minor subjects are compatible with the Bachelor's program in Computer Science?

You may choose any minor subject you like. Currently, the most popular minors are Economics, Mathematics or Information Science.

You find further informations on the german version of this page.