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Masters Program in Computer Science

Come to Saarbrücken to do your Masters Degree in Computer Science: almost nowhere else in Europe can a similarly large concentration of research institutes covering such a broad range of informatics be found. The variety of the many research groups at Saarland University, two Max Planck Institutes and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is reflected in the rich course and seminar offerings of the curriculum.

Master's Program in Bioinformatics

A further program with close ties to the Computer Science Department is  Bioinformatics. Almost all core areas of bioinformatics such as biology, biochemistry, pharmacy, computer science etc, are concentrated on the campus of Saarland University.
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Masters in Embedded Systems (former: Computer and Communications Technology)

This interdisciplinary masters program combines courses in Computer Science and Systems Engineering. Students benefit from the research environment of the Computer Science and Mechatronics departments.

Master Program in Mathematics and Computer Science

Read more about the admission to our Master's program in Mathematics and Computer Science. We also refer you to our FAQ page.

Masters Program in Visual Computing

Due to its interdisciplinary nature, the full spectrum of visual computing cannot be addressed adequately within a traditional, monodisciplinary programme of study. The masters visual computing includes image acquisition and geometric foundations, image analysis and synthesis and related fields and foundations in mathematics, computer science, physics and mechatronics. 

Honors Program

The Honors program offers talented and ambitious students special support throughout their studies, enabling faster finishing times with better grades.