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Honors Program for Graduate Students

Chairmen: Prof. Markus Bläser and Prof. Reinhard Wilhelm
Contact: studium at cs.uni-saarland.de
What is the Honors Program?

The Honors Program aims to support talented and ambitious students  throughout their academic career. This special support shall enable them to earn an Honor's Degree, to finish their studies in less than the regular time and/or to give them the opportunity to prepare for a PhD project while still in the Masters Programm.
How can I become a member of the Honors Program?

  • Applications for admission are possible every semester
  • Students who are already in the undergraduate Honors Program have to provide proof of a theoretical and a practical core lecture with a grade of at least 1,3 to enter the program. The lectures have to be part of the masters curriculum.
  • Students with degrees from other German or international universities or students from Saarbrücken who haven't been in the undergraduate Honors Program, have the following possibilities to apply:
    • Application for admission on probation. After being admitted to the masters program you can apply for an admission to the Honors Program even before you begin your studies in Saarbrücken. To enter the program on a permanent basis, you have to pass a theoretical and a practical core lecture with a grade of at least 1,3 during the first semester.
    • Application for admission after the first semester. You have to provide proof of passing a theoretical and a practical core lecture with a grade of at least 1,3.
  • The following documents are part of an application:
    • Curriculum Vitae / Biodata
    • Copy of the High School Diploma or equivalent
    • Copy of the Bachelor Degree with Transcript of Records
    • A short account of your studies in computer science up to the date of application
    • You have to submit the documents to the study coordination (Geb. E1 3, R 209). The chairmen of the program and the chairman of the examination board will decide about the admissions.

What we offer our students in the Honors Program:

  • Each student in the program will have a professor who will guide her/him through the course of study and will function as a mentor and academic advisor. At least once a semester the professor will meet with the student to talk about the current status of the studies and the plans for the next semester.
  • Each semester there will be at least one special tutorial for students in the Honors Program, where advanced topics will be discussed.
  • These measures aim to enable participants of the program not only to finish their studies more quickly with excellent results, but also to get to know other excellent fellow students and to work with them.

What students in the Honors Program have to do:

  • Students in the program should finish their studies with an Honor's Degree. An Honor's Degree will be awarded if the studies have been finished in a time below the standard duration of study and one of the following criteria is fulfilled: a) the overall grade is 1.3 or above b) the overall grade is 1.9 or above and the mean number of passed credits throughout the studies has been at least 35 per term. The academic performance of each student in the program will be checked each semester. In case the possibility of earning a Honor's Degree is not given anymore, the further participation in the program can be denied.
  • Students in the program must gain at least 4 credits by tutoring a basic or core lecture in computer science.
  • Each student has to make an appointment with her/his mentor during the first weeks of each semester.
  • Each student in the program has to write a short report (approximatly two pages) about each semester. It has to include a list of all passed courses and grades of the relevant semester. Reports have to be submitted at the beginning of the following semester by the latest (2nd week of October / 2nd week of April). One copy has to be submitted to the mentor and one to the study coordinator.