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Association "Friends of Saarbrücken Computer Science"

The association "Freunde der Saarbrücker Informatik" (FDSI) is a network for all students, researchers and alumni of Saarbrücken Computer Science. It supplements the activities of Competence Center of Computer Science at Saarland University.

The association offers every year the prize "Günter-Hotz-Medaille" to the best graduates of Saarbrücken Computer Science. 

Alumni Yearbook

The Alumni Yearbook will help to find the alumni of Saarbrücken Computer Science in cooperation with the Association of friends of Saarbrücken Computer Science.

Search for Alumni of Saarbrücken Computer Science

Do you search for an alumni of Saarbrücken Computer Science? Perhaps we can help you with our database of CIAM library. If you want to contact somebody who has written a dissertation or master thesis in Saarbrücken Computer Science sent an E-Mail to fdsi at cs.uni-sb.de. We try to find the address. If you want to have more contact to Saarbrücken Computer Science, join our Alumni network.

Saarbrücken Scientists of Computer Science in "XING"

In the group "informatik saarland" of the social network XING we invite all students, scientists and alumni of Computer Science in Saarbrücken.

If you are interested register yourself: